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Sheds in Kent



Garden Sheds in Kent

For a high quality shed made of environmentally-efficient, reputably sourced wood, look no further than HSW Timber. Offering a wide range of different types of shed and sheds in Kent, we supply to commercial and some domestic projects in Sevenoaks, Bromley, Chislehurst and throughout the South East.

Our range of sheds and other outbuildings includes:

✔ Garden Sheds

✔ Garden Buildings

✔ Playhouses

✔ Summer Houses

HSW Timber Sheds in Kent.JPG

Above: an example of one of our custom-made sheds built by expert craftsmen at HSW Timber Ltd.

Having been established over 50 years as a family-run timber merchant in Kent, HSW Timber Ltd are proud to serve the local community with a range of timber supplies and great services. One of our most popular items are our custom-made sheds made from top-grade timber. We make numerous over the course of the year, helping people to enjoy more of their outdoor space. 


One of the reasons customers choose us when looking for sheds in Kent is the fact that their outdoor space may be rather large or has unusual dimensions. Because all of our high-quality sheds are custom made, we can build them to perfectly suit your garden (or wherever you plan to place the shed itself). We also have experienced craftsmen within our timber yards in Kent (Chislehurst and Brasted) who can talk with you about your planned project and offer guidance on what you will need and what you will need to know. 


It is important to us that our customers love our custom-made sheds in Kent, which is why we are so pleased with our range of 5-star Google Reviews. Customer service is our top priority and we aim to always be affordable, reliable and provide you with the best quality material to ensure the project looks stunning and lasts. 

With years of experience designing and supplying high quality sheds to our customers, you can count on us to provide you with an attractive, durable shed at an affordable price; whatever the size of your outdoor space.

For more information on our sheds or any of our other products or services, get in touch with our friendly team of experts today – we’re happy to help, whatever the enquiry.

"Fantastic place, everyone is really helpful and the prices are very reasonable. My whole garden is pretty much made up of HSW Timber products!! Our fence panels are from there, we have an amazing garden shed from HSW Timber, and also beautiful railway sleepers. They deliver and the guys who came out are really friendly and knowledgeable. Which helps as I am really not at this stuff."


As seen on Google Reviews

"Amazing lads, I’m not in the trade but these guys are so helpful, delivered on time, cut exactly to my requirements and in a second visit I thought I was asking for something unusual but they took it in their stride and even helped carry it to my car, cheer guys."

Paul Claydon,
As seen on Google Reviews

"Just had a large timber delivery from HSW Timber and must thank HSW for the excellent service provided by your delivery driver Stuart. Great service from quotation to supply. Will definitely use you again."

Terry Massey,
As seen on Google Reviews

"Buy all my timber from HWS as the quality is excellent. Terry the delivery driver provides superb customer service, always friendly and cheerful, nothing is too much trouble. A real credit to HWS, thank you."

Dave Hill,
As seen on Google Reviews
  • Sheds in Kent
    Sheds at the bottom of a garden is often so much more than a place to store tools. They are a lovingly built construction where one can make a home (if they so chose). Sheds can also be utilised as an office space. It may be of surprise that recently most employers have been working from home, so our sheds in Kent can be useful for some quiet and private space. Having a shed can be exciting and creative as you can do anything you like to it or inside. They can be used for work, children and tools. HSW Timber is a Kent based timber merchant where sheds can be purchased at the best prices and quality. We offer a wide range of bespoke, customisable sheds which can be used for garden buildings, garden sheds, playhouses, summer houses and office work. Helping people enjoy their outdoor space is one of the many reasons HSW Timber are popular in our area. We produce and make custom made sheds which suit your garden and make it look more vibrant and personal. Buying a shed in Kent is important if you want to add more storage space or use the shed as a working place. HSW Timber offer great help in choosing the size and type for your shed making it perfect for your outdoor garden. There are 3 different types of sheds you can choose from: workshop shed, standard shed and potting sheds. Potting sheds are very useful for gardeners as it brings in a lot of light which is beneficial in growing plants. Workshop sheds are useful for tools and work. Another advantage is that you can also work in here based on your projects. This shed is liked by many of our customers as it's easier to customise and it allows some private time. Standard sheds are custom made depending on your requirements. Most people buy a standard shed just for storage which is always a great idea. Sheds are usually categorised by the material they are made from. They can be made from plastic, metal, wood and resin. Timber is the best material for outdoor sheds because it is attractive, easy to build and can be customisable which means it can be painted and designed according to your choice. However, sheds made of timber are quite hard to maintain as harsh weather and water can harm it over long periods of time. This is where HSW Timber comes in use as we treat the timber with stain so that it lasts long. HSW Timber – and our sheds in Kent, have been recognised for over 50 years producing top quality timber which have been approved by many customers. Most homes in Kent have realised the important of sheds which made them purchase one. Sheds do not have a fixed size; they can be made according to how you would like it (custom made). One main reason sheds are important because there are some tools that are not suitable for the house such as petrol, pesticides and herbicides. These tools are quite dangerous to have inside the house if there any pets and children. When purchasing a shed, it is essential you look at the following: size of shed, shed material, quality of timber, windows, joinery, floor and roof. The size and material of shed is the most important as you need to consider it before starting to build the shed. It is important you get the perfect size custom made shed that can fit all your requirements and needs. The material is also important because you don’t want a shed that is made of the wrong material or a shed that is not able to hold what you need. Windows need to be thought about before fitting. This is because having weak windows can be dangerous as they can crack or break with extreme weather conditions. It is important to check that special toughened glass is used when building the shed. Window replacements can be costly which is why is it important to consider it before building the shed. Before building your shed, it is important you think about expanding as you never know what the future holds. There should always be space to expand it as it helps a lot. Having a shed in the garden is one of the most beneficial things as more space is always not enough. That’s why you should always make the most of your shed. Organising your things properly by having proper shelving and hooks can maximise the space in your shed and can make it look neat and organised. Investing in Sheds in Kent can help you achieve the best results. Before customising your shed, you should first think about its purpose and use. What is the aim of the shed? According to that you can customise it, add lighting and paint it. Some communities have guidelines. This means you are allowed to build a shed however, there is a maximum size which means you cannot have a shed that passes those measurements. Before planning to build a shed, you must apply for a planning permission if the land will cover more then 50% of the garden. It is cheaper to build your own shed if you are worried about expenses then TSW Timber provide the best quality material at an affordable price. We ensure the project looks stunning and lasts long. There are other many benefits of having a shed. One benefit is that it increases the value of your property. So that means if you want to sell your home, you can sell it for a higher price due to the shed. Maintaining a shed is also quite hard as moisture in the ground could cause damp. Timber draws the moisture up which leaves the moisture inside with no place to escape. To avoid this, you should damp proof the shed before it is built. Shed insulation is another fast way to avoid damp. Insulation regulated the temperature which keeps the warm air in and the cold air out. It is important to look at all the advantages and disadvantages before purchasing a shed.

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