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Sheds in Kent



Options for Sheds in Kent

If you are contemplating one of our sheds in Kent for your garden or outdoor space, you may already know exactly the type of shed you want. If that’s the case, please get in touch with our friendly team - as we can build custom-made sheds to your specifications using top-quality timber. 


Should you be earlier in your research phase for a shed and would like to know the types of sheds in Kent and South East London that we offer, then you’re in the right place.

Apex Roof Shed.jpg

Apex Roofed Sheds

One of the most important aspects of your shed design is the roof. This may not seem like a consideration you need to spend much time on but the type of roof you choose will affect where you can place the shed in your outdoor space.

An apex-roofed shed is your more traditional look - with a slope on either side. The windows usually go down the sides with a door at one end. Therefore, the usual place to position an apex-roofed shed is with the non-door end against a wall or fence. 

Pent Roof Shed.jpg

Pent Roofed Sheds

Conversely, with a pent roof, which has just one slope, the doors often go down the long sides and the back of the shed is the other long side.

Obviously, this will all depend on your exact specification which is why many customers looking for high quality sheds in Kent choose HSW Timber. We make them to measure, to your exact length, width, and height, so you can rest assured that the shed you end up with is perfect for your property. 

Double Doored Shed.jpg

Double Doored Sheds

You can choose to have a single door to your shed, or for a wider shed a double door.

The door placement is important - you need to consider factors such as access, safety, and guttering.

A double doored shed is a fantastic way to create an open and inviting space - just remember to shut them overnight.

Here are some of the considerations when choosing your type of shed:

  • Where will it be placed? This can affect the type of shed you should opt for.

  • What will I use it for? Ensuring you get the right dimensions inside is critical. 

  • Where is the light? Window placement is as important as the doors.


For any of the above considerations (or any other questions you have) it is best to speak with one of our friendly team members. We have decades of expertise as timber merchants across our two branches in Chislehurst and Brasted.

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