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Garden Fencing Swanley


Garden Fencing in Swanley Kent

Garden Fence Panels and Fencing Supplies Near Swanley from HSW Timber

Swanley Residents Can Choose Fantastic Garden Fencing at HSW Timber


With two convenient branches, one in Brasted and the other in Chislehurst, timber merchants in Kent HSW Timber has long served the local community of Swanley with our fantastic range of high-quality timber supplies. Just a quick drive from Swanley to Old Perry Street in Chislehurst and you can visit our yard (close to Farrington's School) to see our huge range of timber products including our fantastic range of garden fencing.

Our garden fencing supplies in Swanley at HSW Timber include:

Fence Panels and Posts: Garden fence panels are pre-made sections that form the body of your fence. They typically come in rectangular shapes and fit between fence posts. Fence posts are the vertical supports that hold the fence panels in place. They are usually made from strong, durable materials like wood or concrete and are driven into the ground to create a sturdy structure.

Pickets: Pickets are the individual vertical slats that make up a picket fence. They are typically attached to horizontal rails to create a classic and decorative fence style. The most common material for pickets is wood because wood is relatively affordable and easy to work with. However, it requires regular maintenance, such as staining or painting, to protect it from the weather.

Arris Rails: Arris rails are specifically used for a type of garden fencing called featheredge fencing. They are triangular-shaped rails made from treated softwood that act as a supportive framework for the fence panels.

Feather-Edge Boards: Feather-edge boards are the individual wooden slats that make up a featheredge fence, a popular type of garden fencing known for its overlapping design and rustic charm. These boards are not square or flat. They have a distinctive profile – one edge is thicker and tapers down to a thinner edge, resembling a feather (hence the name). This allows for overlapping when installing multiple boards. Typically made from pressure-treated softwood like pine or spruce, feather-edge boards are strong, durable, and weather-resistant. The treatment helps to protect them from rot, decay, and insect damage. Feather-edge boards are fixed vertically onto horizontal rails (often arris rails) attached to fence posts. The tapered edge of each board overlaps the thicker edge of the board below it, creating a water-resistant barrier and a neat, staggered appearance.

Gravel Boards: Gravel boards, also sometimes called fence base rails, play a vital role in extending the lifespan of your garden fence by creating a barrier between the bottom of the fence panels and the ground. The primary function of gravel boards is to prevent direct contact between the fence panels and damp or wet soil. This helps to shield the wooden panels from rot and decay, which are common problems when wood is constantly exposed to moisture. By creating a gap between the ground and the fence panels, gravel boards allow for better water drainage. This prevents water from pooling around the base of the fence, which can contribute to rot and also attract pests like termites. In some cases, gravel boards can add rigidity to the fence structure, especially when combined with concrete gravel boards and slotted concrete posts. A common option is pressure-treated timber, which offers good durability and some resistance to rot. However, wood requires regular maintenance like staining or painting for extended life.


Trellis Screens: Trellis screens for garden fencing are a versatile element that combine the functionality of fencing with the aesthetics and support structure for climbing plants. They offer several advantages for your garden design. The key feature of trellis screens is their latticework design, typically made of squares, diamonds, or other open patterns. This creates a framework for climbing plants to grow upwards and outwards, adding a touch of greenery and vibrancy to your fence.

Garden Fence Panels in Swanley from HSW Timber
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