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HSW Timber Portfolio



To get more of an idea of what we do here at HSW Timber, have a browse through our portfolio of work. Our impressive timber and garden products and designs are showcased in our collection of images, so to find out if any of our solutions are right for you and your project, feel free to take a look.

A Beautiful Custom-Made Shed from HSW Timber Ltd.

Below you can see one of our sublime sheds, crafted by the HSW Timber Ltd team. Our standard sheds are made from treated shiplap and 2”x2” for the framing, manufactured in our Kent workshops to whatever size you require.

The reason why many customers choose HSW Timber Ltd for timber supplies and sheds, is that they can get exactly what they require. From the portfolio image below, you can see that the windows and doors are exactly where they need to be, it has a pent roof, as per the customer's request, and the result will make a stunning addition to their outdoor space.

What they choose to use it for is up to them but many customers purchase a shed for a range of reasons, from storing garden equipment and doing a bit of DIY, to letting their children practice loud musical instruments in. The possibilities are endless!

To find out more about our sheds in Kent, click the image below.

Image shows a beautiful wooden shed surrounded by trees made by HSW Timber Ltd.

A Stunning Custom-Made Garden Gate from HSW Timber Ltd.

This Softwood 5-Bar gate is made to measure, as per the customer's specifications. Whatever size gate you require, our expert team of experienced craftsmen are able to supply it using high-quality timber. Gates are also available in hardwood.


To find out more about the cost of a custom-made gate from HSW Timber Ltd, contact us for prices using the contact form at the bottom of the page, or by using the telephone numbers at the top of the page (during opening hours).

HSW Timber Custom-Made Gate.JPG

Oak Reclaimed Railway Sleepers from HSW Timber Ltd.

These Oak Reclaimed Railway Sleepers are ideal for customers looking to create retaining walls within their garden or outdoor space, as well as purposes such as driveway edging or a beautiful set of outdoor steps.

At HSW Timber Ltd in Kent, we provide a wide range of timber supplies to the local area and railway sleepers are one of our most popular items. Do get in touch with our team using the contact form at the bottom of the page to find out what we have currently in stock. If you are in the local area, we may also be able to arrange delivery - a massive headache saver for many people.

Oak Railway Sleepers from HSW Timber.JPG
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