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Sheds in Kent



5 Ideas for Sheds in Kent

We have been a popular timber merchant in the local area for decades and this is not only because we stock high-quality timber and materials but also because our collective experience and expertise allow us to provide customers with thoughtful inspiration. 


Having provided customisable sheds in Kent for a similar amount of time, HSW Timber are proud to work with our customers in creating a fabulous finished product that is perfect for your garden or outdoor space. 


Sometimes, homeowners aren’t quite sure what they can use a shed for - other than storing gardening tools. Here are just a selection of ideas of how you could use our high-quality sheds in Kent to enhance your home life and property.

Image by Chris Cooper

Sheds for Kids Playhouses & Storage

Anyone with children will know that there is never enough space! A roomy garden playhouse can be an ideal place to create a new and safe space for kids to play in whatever the weather. You can also use it to store some of their larger toys.


Many customers choose to paint the garden playhouses we make for them and by getting the kids involved it’s a wonderful activity where a bit of stray paint will probably be fine. 

Bike Sheds in Kent

Sheds for Storing Bikes

Going greener has never been more popular and having a secure place to lock up your bike(s) is a great investment in your property. We source all our timber in an environmentally efficient and reputable manner so you can be sure the product is aligned with your values. 


If it’s not a bike storage shed you need, then perhaps it can be used for storing other heavy-duty items, such as top-boxes, lawnmowers etc.

Home Offices Kent.jpg

Sheds for Office Space

Working from home has been hugely on the increase the last few years (for obvious reasons) and our sheds in Kent can be an ideal way of creating a professional environment just steps from your home life. You can design them to your perfect specifications, placing windows and doors where you need them. Inside, you can have full control of how the space looks and feels - without needing to worry about it clashing with your existing interior decor. 

garden bar kent.jpg

Sheds for a Games Room or Garden Bar

Few households can justify the space for a full-sized pool table but many more could if that room was taken from the garden.


An outdoor games room can be a wonderful addition to your household and even add value. Why not revisit your youth and add a Pac-Man machine, jukebox, and a small bar to really feel the fun?

Band Practice Rooms Kent.jpg

Sheds for Band Rooms

Whether it’s you or your kids, playing musical instruments in the house is always going to upset someone. One of our customisable sheds in Kent could be turned into the perfect practice room far enough away from the house that your phone calls aren’t going to be disturbed.


There are plenty of options for soundproofing and kitting out a band room online which an HSW Timber shed would be ideal for use as a starting point. 

So there you have it, just a few ideas on how a simple shed could be turned into a huge lifestyle improvement for you and your family. Using the space creatively could be personally rewarding or financially beneficial, so why not get in touch with the HSW Timber team using the contact form at the bottom of this page?

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