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The cost of building your own shed UK

At HSW Timber, a top supplier of sheds in Kent, we understand the allure of a bespoke shed. It's more than just storage; it's a blank canvas for your garden dreams, a workshop haven, or a yoga studio sanctuary. But before you dive headfirst into building your own, it's crucial to consider the costs involved.

The cost of building your own shed UK from HSW Timber in Kent
The cost of building your own shed UK

This guide will break down the key factors influencing the price of your DIY shed project, helping you make informed decisions and avoid nasty surprises.

The Shed's Size and Complexity

Unsurprisingly, the larger and more intricate your shed design, the higher the cost. A simple 6ft x 8ft tool shed will require less material and labour compared to a 12ft x 16ft workshop with double doors and a pent roof.

Material Matters

The type of wood you choose significantly impacts the overall cost. Here's a quick breakdown of popular options:

Treated Softwood: The most budget-friendly option, offering good value for basic sheds. However, it requires regular maintenance to prevent rot.

Hardwood: A more durable and aesthetically pleasing choice, but with a higher price tag.

Engineered Wood: Options like plywood or OSB boards offer a balance between cost and strength, making them suitable for walls and cladding.

Flooring and Roofing

Don't forget the floor and roof! Treated timber floor joists with sheet material like plywood are common choices. For roofing, felt is a cost-effective option, while metal sheets offer superior weatherproofing but at a higher price.

Base Considerations

A solid foundation is vital for your shed's longevity. Here are the main options:

Concrete Slab: The most permanent solution, offering excellent stability but requiring excavation and potentially professional help.

Wooden Frame: A budget-friendly alternative using pressure-treated timber for the frame and paving slabs for the base.

Screw Pile Foundations: A good choice for uneven ground, these metal piles are screwed into the earth, providing a secure base.

Delivery and Permits

Delivery costs will depend on the size and weight of your timber order. At HSW Timber we can provide local delivery to certain areas in Kent, send us a message to find out about yours. It's also important to check with your local council if a planning permit is required for your shed size and location.

The DIY vs. Pro Debate

Building your own shed can be a rewarding experience, but it requires time, skill, and the right tools. If you're a seasoned DIYer, you can potentially save on labour costs. However, for complex designs or those lacking carpentry experience, hiring a professional builder might be more cost-effective in the long run.

Additional Costs to Factor In

Door and Windows: The type and number of doors and windows will affect the price.

Security: Consider adding locks and security features for peace of mind.

Paint and Treatment: Factor in the cost of paint or wood stain to protect and personalise your shed.

Guttering and Drainage: Ensure proper rainwater drainage with guttering and soakaways.

Getting Started on the Right Foot

Here at HSW Timber, we're passionate about helping you build your dream shed. We offer a wide range of high-quality timber products, treated for longevity, and expert advice to assist you in choosing the right materials for your project.

Top Tips for Keeping Costs Down:

Plan meticulously: Design a detailed shed plan to avoid material wastage and ensure you order the correct amount of timber.

Shop around: Compare prices for timber, roofing materials, and other supplies.

Consider reclaimed materials: Explore salvage yards or online marketplaces for second-hand wood for specific elements.

Reuse what you have: Can you incorporate any doors, windows, or leftover materials from previous projects?

Building your own shed is an investment, but with careful planning and a realistic budget, you can create a functional and beautiful space that reflects your needs and adds value to your property. Visit HSW Timber today, and let's turn your shed dream into a reality!


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