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Where to purchase a high-quality shed in Kent

Utilising the space you have has never felt so important as during this lockdown in the UK. It is important to get out and about, as safely as possible, with many who have gardens feeling luckier than most. With the spring and summer months fast approaching, if you are thinking of purchasing a high-quality shed in Kent get in touch with the friendly HSW Timber team as soon as possible so we can schedule you in.

Sheds in Kent
Sheds in Kent

Our sheds come custom-made to the customer’s preference, made to measure so they are perfect for your outdoor space. From a small shed for your garden tools, to a complete summer house, we can provide you with high-quality materials and a fabulous service. We have been providing sheds in Kent for decades and HSW Timber is a family-run timber merchant. We have been supporting local businesses, tradespeople, and homeowners/DIYers with their timber needs, even during the current lockdown.

Garden sheds can have many uses and lots of the HSW Timber customers have done spectacular things with theirs. From playhouses for the kids or DIY spaces for the adults, to office spaces or tiki bars, the options are endless. And when you get a shed in Kent from HSW Timber, they come treated so they will last even longer. If you would like to know about all of the other aspects of erecting a shed in your garden, speak to one of our timber yards via the contact details at the top and we will be happy to let you know all of the common things you will require.

There are many providers to choose from when putting up a shed but only a few can provide you with high-quality timber that comes from sustainable sources, as well as decades of experience and know-how. Not to mention, our high-quality sheds in Kent are custom-made, as we know our customers may not want to compromise on size, quality, or ease.

Sheds can take several weeks to create, so it is best to book early - especially if you are planning to erect yours for summer. Whilst we work on the shed, you can also be laying your base - speak to us if you need any assistance with this, as we may be able to provide guidance and some materials.

Contact our Brasted timber yard - 01959 562 554

Contact our Chislehurst timber yard - 020 8467 5557


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