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Using Railway Sleepers for garden edging

One of the reasons customers choose HSW Timber Ltd as their preferred timber merchant in Kent is our terrific choice of sleepers. Perfect for an array of uses in the garden and around the home, these versatile timber products are popular with homeowners and professionals alike.

Image shows railway sleepers stacked on top of each other 15 high and 20 wide.
Railway Sleepers for sale at HSW Timber in Brasted, Kent

For high-quality railway sleepers, customers can visit HSW Timber Ltd in either Brasted, Kent or Chislehurst via our two timber yards. We stock a fantastic range of railway sleepers, including:

  • Treated Softwood Sleepers

  • Untreated Oak Sleepers

  • Reclaimed Oak Sleepers

To find out about our current stock levels of railway sleepers in our Kent timber yards, please get in touch using the phone numbers at the top of the page, or send us a message through the contact form at the bottom.

Using Railway Sleepers for Garden Edging

Crafting the perfect garden edge is the desire of many homeowners and railways sleepers can provide the perfect solution to the problem. Their length and girth make them the perfect solution for some garden edging, creating a natural yet organised effect. Many HSW Timber Ltd customers use our railway sleepers in Kent to do just this.

Knowing which type of sleeper you wish to use is essential when considering them for garden edging, or any other purpose within your garden or outdoor space.

Reclaimed oak sleepers, such as the ones in the image above, create a wonderful, rustic look for a garden but do come with a warning - as they will likely have creosote in them - therefore people should not walk on them barefoot or expose skin to them. So these may not be perfect if you have younger children in the garden. The colour of them may also be at odds with your garden if all the other timber you use is a lighter colour. In these instances, it may be best to use treated softwood sleepers - which we also stock at HSW Timber Ltd.

The length of sleeper needed is also a consideration. Another reason why customers choose HSW Timber Ltd for their railway sleepers in Kent is that we can provide the right amount that you are going to need - cutting sleepers to size if needed (charges may apply). This can save a lot of time and effort on your end, especially if you are not handy with a saw or chainsaw.

Get in touch with the friendly HSW Timber Ltd team if you are interested in using Railway Sleepers as garden edging at your home. We will be happy to assist.


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