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The Cost of Fencing in Kent

When it comes to providing affordable fencing in Kent that is high-quality and from a reputable timber yard, we feel the obvious choice is HSW Timber (we admit, we may be biased). We have been serving the local community from our family-run yards for decades and pride ourselves on sourcing the best quality timber products and supplies for our customers, whilst delivering a five-star service.

Cost of Fencing in Kent
Cost of Fencing in Kent

Why do I need to replace my garden fencing?

Unless your fencing is made from brick or another more weatherable material, it is most likely that your fencing is made of wood. Even if it is treated to last longer, it will still weather and rot as it is a natural material and that’s what it is made to do. Replacing your fencing every so often is a great way to keep your fence strong and your garden looking great!

It could also be that your fencing has experienced a bashing from strong winds or extreme heat/cold lately. These are great reasons to inspect your fence panels and posts to see if there is any damage that could lead to a bigger problem down the line.

What are the fencing supplies in Kent stocked at HSW Timber?

We aim to supply a great range of fencing supplies in our Kent timber yards (located in Brasted and Chislehurst), including the following:

  • Pre-Made Fence Panels

  • Fence Posts

  • Arris Rails for support

  • Pickets

  • Feather-Edge Boards

  • Gravel Boards

  • Trellis Screens

As with most of our timber supplies, we can provide you with a selection of lengths and even cut the timber to your measurements. If you would like to talk to us about creating you bespoke fence panels for your garden, then please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Find out more about the different types of fencing in Kent we provide.

How much does a new fence cost?

This is a great question and one that has no firm answer, as it will all depend on your property and your requirements. If you are just replacing a fence post, the cost will vary dramatically to a garden that needs four new complete fence panels.

The best way to get a quote for your job or DIY project is to get in touch with our team. That way we can go through your needs, even make suggestions if there are any parts you need help with, and also liaise with you on our current stock levels.

Whilst we aim to keep a great range of fencing in Kent in stock, we can also order in if you need large quantities or something bespoke. Get in touch today to find out more using the contact form below.


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