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Sheds from a reliable Timber Merchant in Kent

The summer is over and we are moving through a cool and wet autumn towards winter. The year provided us with some glorious sunshine and hot spells, perfect to get out into the garden - especially important during the current pandemic.

Now that the hot weather is over, many will think their gardening time is done and there is not much that can be done outside, retreating into the warmth and safety of indoors.

As a reputable timber merchant in Kent, we still provide numerous services to our customers throughout the winter, once of which may surprise you.

Garden Sheds from HWS Timber

We use the best quality timber for our sheds in Kent, they are bespoke and made-to-measure to suit your needs perfectly. Why would you need a shed in winter? It can be the perfect opportunity to use your outdoor space even during the gloomy months, allowing you to get out of the house but not stand in the rain.

Sheds can have a plethora of purposes, from storage to DIY rooms, playrooms, garden offices and more.

Furthermore, it is important during the wetter parts of the year that you have somewhere to store items which are usually out and about during the spring or summer months. For example, if you have children’s playhouses, slides, swimming pools etc, it is best to keep them safe and dry so they don’t get ruined for next year. Likewise with any garden furniture, tools, or electrical equipment (please don’t leave your lawnmower out in the rain!).

Why you should invest in a shed now

Many people take on garden projects in Spring - just as the weather is getting nice. However, with so much you want to achieve but with limited time, it can often be the case that garden projects are not finished until later in the year. This means you have less time to enjoy the spoils of all your hard work.

Instead, why not get those projects underway now so that when winter gives way to spring, you have even more time to enjoy that shed which could really be a playhouse for the kids or a summer house for the adults?

If you are looking for a timber merchant in Kent to provide you with a bespoke and high-quality shed, get in touch with the friendly HSW Timber team. We would be happy to help.


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