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Getting creative in the garden with sheds

Our sheds in Kent are no longer just for the storing of garden tools. Over the years we have been amazed at the creative way customers have used a shed to enhance their home life and lifestyle. And, because our sheds are fully customisable, they can be crafted to suit your idea perfectly.

A gorgeous playhouse made from timber and set amongst the trees.
A stunning playhouse for the kids anyone?

Much like adding a new room or converting the loft, adding one of our high-quality sheds in Kent to your garden or outdoor space (maybe a flat roof) can be a really terrific investment into your property that will not only increase the space you have to play with, but also add a little to the overall value.

These days space is king, especially with more and more people working from home - not to mention kids staying longer and longer without being able to get on the property ladder. This has meant lots of homeowners are now looking at their property to see how they can utilise it better. If you are lucky enough to have a decent-sized garden, a shed from HSW Timber can be the ideal way to start your creative thinking.

Whereas an actual room or loft within the house would end up being turned (most likely) into a bedroom, a garden shed is unlikely to become a full-time residence for someone. This means it can be used for something more fun, which is why customers are getting so creative with our sheds in Kent, they provide an exciting opportunity.

Here are a few ways of getting creative in the garden with sheds:

  • Turn them into a games room! By picking up a few items like a dartboard, pool table, and maybe even an arcade machine (if you have electricity flowing in), your simple garden shed could transform your home leisure time dramatically!

  • How about a home gym? That’s right, pop in a few machines, weights, and even a mirror if you feel confident enough and your investment into your home could also be an investment into your health.

  • A reading room? Books are beautiful but they do take up a lot of space. A garden shed could be turned into a library perfect for chilling away from the stresses and pressures of home life.

  • Grab the popcorn with a home cinema! If you can get yourself connected, a big screen and some shelves to keep all your DVDs and Blu-rays, the perfect way to escape could be just steps from your back door. We can even provide the timber for your shelves if you need it!

If these shed ideas aren’t enough to get your creative juices flowing, feel free to visit our Ideas for Sheds page. There we have a few more concepts which make take your liking.

Once you have the idea for your shed, get in touch with the friendly HSW Timber team. We will be happy to supply you with a high-quality, fully customisable shed.


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