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Customising Your Shed from HSW Timber

One of the main reasons customers looking for sheds in Kent choose HSW Timber is that they can fully customise the entire shed. This means the end product will be absolutely what you wanted, perfect for your garden, and made from top-quality timber and materials.

Customising Your Shed from HSW Timber
Customising Your Shed from HSW Timber

There are a variety of ways in which you can customise our sheds:

  • Size: Rather than having to choose an off-the-shelf option that may not be the exact dimensions you require, our sheds in Kent can be made to any length or height.

  • Roof: We provide both Apex and Pent roofed sheds for our customers, depending on the style you prefer.

  • Windows: If you would like us to put a window on a particular side (or sides) our experienced craftsmen can do that. We can even put in space for a skylight!

  • Accessories: We can place hinges and levers where they are most appropriate and effective. Rely on our experience or let us know where you would specifically like them.

Not only are our sheds in Kent perfect for customising, they can also be treated so that the timber lasts longer. This is perfect to protect your investment in the garden and gives you one less thing to worry about. Once treated, you are free to paint the shed any colour you would like! We don't provide paint or do the painting, preferring to leave that job to you. You can also ask to see some of our custom-made sheds from our Kent customers and we will be happy to show you our portfolio.

You can also choose the function of your shed! It doesn't have to be just a place to throw your muddy garden equipment. Many of our customers choose to create rooms for their garden to enjoy, or playhouses for the kids. We can also make kennels for dogs (or badly behaved spouses), as well as sturdy places to hide your bins. All these ideas and more are available to you with a little creative thinking. And you don't have to wait until next spring to get started. The HSW Timber team are at the ready to create you the perfect, fully-customised shed.

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