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Custom-made sheds in Kent without compromise

With so many people forced to stay inside their homes this year and last, it is not surprising that a lot of those people have looked to improve the house and garden with a few improvements. Many will look for quick options, turning to online stores like Amazon and chains to see what they can get delivered for the cheapest possible price. And whilst this convenience is great it does come with a compromise - which is the “off-the-shelf” limitations which mean the product is not specifically for your home.

We have all been there, ordering furniture or other household goods and have been disappointed that they didn’t quite match the room they were intended for - or, quite commonly, looked a lot bigger in the picture! This is why our sheds in Kent have the edge over the “off-the-shelf” providers because ours are custom-made to your specifications. You can choose how long each section needs to be, where the windows or door need to be placed, and the type of accessories/features that you may want to add. Our experienced craftsmen at the HSW timber yards in Brasted and Chislehurst in Kent are on hand to offer guidance and skill to your project.

Our Sheds in Kent

Our sheds in Kent can also be delivered - making them an incredibly convenient choice. If you would like to know whether you are within our delivery catchment, please contact the relevant timber yard nearest to you and we will be happy to help. You can also let us know your requirements and we can discuss with you anything you may need to know before we get to work.

As with all our timber supplies in Kent, our sheds are made from top-grade timber and we treat them all so they last even longer. We use responsibly sourced materials too (unlike some of those plastic sheds you can purchase online).

Having supplied custom-made sheds in Kent and other timber products in the local area for over 50 years, we are proud to help our customers, especially during these difficult time. We hope that your garden space can be something you are proud of and enjoy, especially with the summer months just around the corner.

If you would like to speak with the HSW Timber team about your shed project, please get in touch using the contact form at bottom of the page or call us using the phone numbers at the top.


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